Software is a set of computer instructions or program, that enable the user to interact with a computer or have it perform specific tasks for them. A program is a sequence of instruction written to solve a particular problem. Anything that can be stored electronically is called software or computer software. Software is made of 1 or more than 1 computer system programs. Sometimes it means 1 specific program or it can mean all the software on a computer, including the applications and the operating system. Applications are the programs that do a specific thing. The operating system (Mac OS, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux etc) is software that helps the applications run, and controls the display and the keyboard. Computer hardware and software require each other and neither can be realistically used without the other.

There are 2 types of software:-

1.System software
2.Application software

System software-The system software is collection of instructions designed to operate, control and continue the processing capabilities of the computer by it. System software’s are generally prepared by computer manufactures. It is very close to computer system with fast speed and very difficult to customizable.
Application software-Application software’s are designed for end users or satisfy a particular need of a particular environment. Examples of application software are word processors, spreadsheets, database management systems, railway reservation software, income tax software, etc. It is very easy for user with comparatively slow speed. It can be customizable as per the requirement.