Office 365 means business in Today

The Office 365 service consists of a number of products and services. It is a SaaS solution provides by Microsoft All of Office 365’s components can be managed and configured through an online portal; users can be added manually, imported from a CSV file, or Office 365 can be set up for single sign-on with a local Active Directory using Active Directory Federation Services. Office 365 is your known office application, which you use on daily basis work. Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can access your applications and files from virtually anywhere PC, Mac, and tablets and they’re always up to date. Same goes for updates to features you get them automatically. So it is Cloud-powered connection, collaboration, and controlled.

Office 365 the way you worked up to date

Office 365 offers you the familiarity and full functionality of Office with the flexibility of the cloud. With Office 365 in the cloud, your applications and files are with you wherever you go, whether you’re working offline at your desktop, online, or on one of your devices. Edit files at your PC or Mac. Email or share files from your tablet. Join an online meeting from your phone. What you need is accessible from anywhere, right up front, and always up to date. Office in the cloud is more powerful than ever yet and simple to use and manage. And it’s always up and running, so you stay on schedule.

Many Office 365 plans include the latest desktop version of Office, so you can work offline or online. Some Office 365 plans work with earlier desktop versions of Office, so you can take advantage of Office 365 online access to Office applications and collaboration services. Mobility means you get more work and you can improve your work-life balance. You get a consistent Office experience across devices, so you can move easily from one device to the other and back again. With your Office applications and collaboration tools accessible from multiple devices, you can work where and how you need to. Install Office on up to five of your PCs, Macs, or tablets, and transfer the installation to new devices whenever you need to fast. Edit and share files from any browser with Office Online. Use Office Mobile on Windows Phones and, with some plans, iPhone and Android phones. With some Office 365 plans, when you’re away from your PC, you can stream full Office applications to any Internet-connected PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Office in the cloud installs quickly across all your supported devices, and you don’t need to uninstall your old version of Office. Updates are automatic, so you’re always working with the latest version of your favorite applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. All your files are automatically saved online, even the ones on your PC, so it’s easy to access, edit, and share your latest version on the go.