NetMagic Solutions is an India-based IT hosting and services provider whose specializations include cloud computing, infrastructure management, disaster recovery and application hosting.In September 2010, NetMagic opened the first LEED-certified green data center in India. The data center uses environmentally-conscious techniques like rainwater collection, reflective paint that minimizes indoor heat, and furniture made from eco-friendly materials.NetMagic has data centers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and the United States.

At Netmagic, we endorse and are cognizant of the fact that in today’s dynamic business environment with its ever-changing demands the key to not just survival but continuous success is EVOLUTION.

At the heart of our existence, we are inspired by how Technology is becoming not a mere facilitator but a spirit that drives and enables better ways to evolve as businesses, as communities and as societies. This is why we need to stop reacting to change in a reactionary fashion and start evolving…

It is this insight and this belief that guides our role as a partner to organizations through the Evolutionary Lifecycle of their Datacenter Infrastructure. From Planning & Design to Evaluation & Deployment, from Control & Management till you finally realize the Evolution & Transformation of your business.