MICROTEK INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. is the India’s Largest Power Products manufacturer having products like Line Interactive UPS, ONLINE UPS, DIGITAL & SINEWAVE INVERTERS/UPS EB/UPS E²/UPS 24×7.It is INDIA’S FIRST ISO 9001-2000 CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING & CUSTOMER SUPPORT COMPANY. It have Eight manufacturing plants, each specializing in different sphere of the industry has made it possible for Microtek to harness the World’s latest technology, expertise it and incorporate it in its product range, for the user’s benefit. It is this dedication of mastering its chosen field by continuously upgrading and investing that has won Microtek national awards and international recognition. MICROTEK- ‘INDIA’S MOST PREFERRED BRAND’ is also the Most Awarded Brand. Microtek has very strong infrastructural in Indian market Network , which is growing rapidly. Microtek has achieved total customer satisfaction through design, manufacture and supply of quality products. It has now the largest installation base, which is growing at a fastest pace day by day and every year. With its vast network of well-equipped own Customer Care Centers and the innovative scheme of On-site services, it has won the confidence of Customers.

Microtek Product Range
Microtek has Line Interactive UPS models range from 600VA to 1000VA. It also has External Battery models, which have been specially designed for various backup time and multi PC requirements of customers.

Microtek has World class Range of ONLINE UPS from 1KVA to 30KVA.
1. SOHO Digital Inverters
2. SOHO Sine Wave Inverters
3. Digital and Sine Wave UPS EB / UPS E² / UPS 24×7
4. High-End Sine Wave Inverters
5. Range of Line Interactive UPS
6. External Battery Line Interactive UPS
7. Digital Online UPS from 1KVA to 30KVA.
8. Inverter UPS Specialist Batteries
9. Sealed Maintenance Free (VRLA) Batteries