There are a variety of ways in which people connect to the internet, but the number one way involves a router. This router can be used to connect one computer, or multiple computers to the internet. Some attach it directly to their computer, while others use a wireless network card to use the internet without using any cords or wires.

Linksys is a leading manufacturer for the networking hardware products mainly to home users and small businesses. Its products include wired and wireless routers, Ethernet switches, VoIP equipment, wireless internet video cameras, audio visual products and network storage systems. Linksys is the primary maker of routers used by a number of the current internet service providers. Linksys manufactures a series of network routers. Many models are shipped with Linux based firmware and can run third party firmware. The first model to support third party firmware was the very popular Linksys WRT54G series.

Linksys Product Family:-
W Series:-WRT54G, WRT100,WRT110,WRT120N,WRT150N,WRT160N,WRT160NL,WRT300N,WRT310N,WRT320N,WRT330N,
E Series:- E800, E900,E1000,E1200,E1500,E1550,E1700,E2000,E2100L,E2500,E3000,E3200,E4200
EA Series:- EA2700,EA3500,EA4500,EA6100,EA6200,EA6300,EA6350,EA6400,EA6500,EA6700,EA6900