Lenovo is one of the world’s leading personal computer manufacturer company which is producing innovative PCs in wide range of product list. Lenovo Company is world’s most respected and admirable companies. Serving customers with quality products in more than 160 countries, Lenovo is a global Fortune 500 company built strong strategic execution, innovative products, an efficient business model and a strong, diverse global team.

Lenovo’s launched ‘Essential’ series of desktops is a collection of budget-conscious machines designed for consumers, and advertised as being “affordable, space saving, and energy efficient”. The Essential desktop line is different from both Lenovo’s Think Centre series and Lenovo’s Idea Centre series. Lenovo defines its Think Centre desktops as business oriented computers, while the Idea Centre desktops are meant primarily for entertainment. The Essential range of desktops can be categorized as being between the two meant more for ordinary everyday use. The Essential desktops are frequently (and erroneously) referred to as Idea Centre desktops.

There are two lines of Lenovo-branded desktops sold under the ‘Essential’ banner. These are:
• C Series: – The Lenovo C Series desktops launched by Lenovo are the C100, C200, C300, and C315.
• H Series:- The Lenovo H Series desktops launched by Lenovo are the H200, H210, H215, H230, H320, and H405.