What is a Lenovo Thin Client Device?
A Lenovo Thin Client system is a Lenovo machine that runs a version of Microsoft Windows called Windows 7 Embedded or Embedded Linux. These systems are Lenovo machines but are marketed by Lenovo, VXL and Devon IT. They also have a different hardware configuration than regular machines. These are also known as “Thin Clients” and the systems run a version of Microsoft Windows known as Windows Embedded 7, a scaled down version of full Windows 7 or Embedded Linux based on SUSE. It is built specifically for the hardware it runs on and is small in size compared to the normal Microsoft Windows 7 or Linux that Lenovo may preload. Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded can be installed using a systems management tool such as Microsoft’s SCCM product, VXL Manage or Devon its Lenovo Thin Manager (LTM) product, depending on the Thin Client vendor. The image is typically installed on small storage medium in the machine and is a “locked down” version of Windows or Linux and is a “read only” operating system environment.


VXL Instruments is Lenovo’s preferred Thin Client provider, offering to Lenovo customers worldwide the latest in thin client technology including Thin Client desktops, Zero Clients and Thin mobile devices. With the growing demands of desktop virtualization and secure cloud access, VXL can offer devices no matter what is driving your endpoint; VMware View, Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop and Microsoft Hypervisor or Terminal Services. It can configure VXL Thin Clients with Windows Embedded Standard (WES2009 or WES7), Windows XPe, SUSE Linux and GIO Linux. No matter what device you choose, VXL also provides its XLmanage management software, free of charge, to make the management of your thin clients quick and easy, reducing the over-all support costs.

Below are some Lenovo Thin Client Examples
(1) ITONA K Series: Entry Level Desktop Thin Client
(2) ITONA F Series: Value Expandable, durable and highly productive
(3) ITONA Md Series: Performance – Efficient and Powerful desktops with excellent multimedia capabilities
(4)Lenovo TINY Series: High Performance. Impressive multimedia.