Lenovo EMC is a leading producer of external, portable, and networked storage solutions. Formerly it is known as Iomega. In earlier1980, it is established as Iomega, now it is Lenovo EMC has sold millions digital storage drives and disks. The ZIP Drive is Iomega’s most famous product in the world. The Headquarter of Iomega located in San Diego, California, USA.

EMC establish a joint venture with Lenovo, named Lenovo EMC in year 2013. All of Iomega’s products were mark as Lenovo EMC. Lenovo EMC’s products are designed for small and medium sized businesses that do not have the budgets for enterprise-class data storage. Lenovo EMC is part of Lenovo’s Enterprise Products Group.
Iomega Products are ease to use, just plug & play for easy installation, deployment, & management. The Security level is enhanced and business performance with various levels of RAID. It has affordable enterprise quality protection, plus a lower total cost of ownership compared to alternatives. Iomega products have maximum flexibility supports multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Netware, UNIX and Linux.

Products Family
Iomega designed and manufactured a range of products to compete with and ultimately replace the 3.5″ floppy disk, notably the Zip drive. Some of these products came very close to this goal while also achieving status in their own right as collectible items. Initial Iomega products connected to a computer via SCSI or parallel port; later models used USB and FireWire (1394). Lenovo EMC’s current product portfolio includes network attached storage products, external hard drives, multimedia drives, and removable storage technology. For Example, the PX4-400d is a multi-bay network attached storage (NAS) device. The PX4-400d is powered by an Intel Atom processor running at 2.13 gigahertz, has 2 gigabytes of RAM, and has an SATA3 controller capable of moving data at 6 gigabits per second. HDMI and USB ports. McAfee e-policy Orchestrator is included for centralized security management. All THINK-branded systems from Lenovo pre-installed with Windows 8.1 are pre-loaded with LenovoEMC Storage Connector in order make discovery and set-up of the 400d and other LenovoEMC NAS devices smoother.