Hewlett-Packard Company or HP is an American multinational information technology company. It provides hardware, software and services to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, enterprise and education sectors. The company was founded in a one-car garage in Palo Alto by William “Bill” Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard. It specializes in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware, designing software and delivering services. Major product lines include personal computing devices, enterprise and industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a diverse range of printers and other imaging products. HP markets its products to households, small to medium sized businesses and enterprises directly as well as via online distribution, consumer electronics and office-supply retailers, software partners and major technology vendors. HP also has services and consulting business around its products and partner products. Hewlett-Packard targets their line of business desktop computers for use in the corporate, government and education markets.

As HP have very vast product line, Take a tour for that:-
(1)Personal desktops
(A)Compaq Presario Desktop:- Compaq Presario § Desktop series
(B)HP Pavilion:-HP Pavilion a series, dv series,
(C) HP Slimline PC
(D) HP Pavilion Media Center TV
(E) HP Pavilion Elite
(F) HP Blackbird 002
(G) HP Pro PC:- HP Pro 330 Microtower PC
(2)Business desktops
(A) HP X-Terminal:-HP X-Terminals
(B)Business Desktop:-HP Business Desktops
(C)HP TouchSmart PC
(D)HP Brio
(E)HP Vectra
(F)HP e-PC (e-Vectra)