associated with the products that it sold. The name of the division was changed to HP Networking in 2010 after HP bought 3Com Corporation. The HP ProCurve division manufactures network switches, wireless access points, WAN routers, and Access Control Servers/Software under the “HP ProCurve” brand name. A variety of different networking products have been made by HP. ProCurve division began to offer LAN switches, Core, Datacenter,Distribution, Edge, Web managed and Unmanaged Switches.

HP Switching Family
1 Modular Ethernet Switches
2 Fixed Port Ethernet Switches
1. Modular Ethernet Switches:
1. A12500
2. A9500
3. A7500
4. E8200 zl
5. E5400 zl
6. E4200 vl –
2. Fixed Port Ethernet Switches
1.Fixed Port L3 Managed Ethernet Switches :A5820,A5810,A5800,A5500 EI ,A5500 SI,A5120 EI,A5120 SI,A3610,A3600 EI,A3600 SI,E6600,E6400cl,E6200yl,E5500G,E5500,E4800G etc
2. Fixed Port L2/L2+ Managed Ethernet Switches: – E4210G, E4210, E2915, E2910 al, E2810, E2615, E2610 etc
3. Fixed Port Smart Web Managed Ethernet Switches: – V1910, V1810, V1905, V1900, V1700, IntelliJack etc
4. Fixed Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switches: – V1410 switches, V1405, V1405 small, offices switches etc
5. Blade Switches:- 6120G/XG Blade Switch,6120XG Blade Switch