In the Year 2007, Tyco International was split and Tyco Electronics Ltd., along with Covidien, became separate, independently-traded public companies. In the Year 2011, Tyco Electronics Ltd. changed its name to TE Connectivity, which the company says it feels is more relevant to its position as a component and communications manufacturer.
TE Connectivity, Ltd. designs and manufactures components and products for a variety of industries including automotive, data communication systems, consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, defense and marine, medical, energy and lighting. The company serves customers in more than 150 countries.TE Connectivity has multiple R&D sites which includes China & India. In India, it operates through Raychem RPG,a 50:50 Joint Venture with RPG Group for its Energy products range. Raychem RPG specializes in Connection systems ( Heat Shrink & Premolded Cable accessories up to 245kV, Connectors up to 1200kV) & Asset protection ( Surge Arresters & Insulation systems).

AMP Cable Product List:-

Cable Assemblies

1. High Speed Copper Cable

2. Highly Flexible Cable

3. Flexible Diesel Resistant Power Cables (FDR25S)

4. Controlled Electrical Cable

5. ElectroLoss Filterline Wire & Cable

6. Marine Cable

7. Hook Up Wire & Cable

8. Multiconductor (Multicore) Cables

9. Power Cable

10. Rochester Electro Optical Cable and Wire

11. Thermocouple Extension Cables

12. Fiber Optic Cable

Wire & Cable

1. Fiber Optic Cable

2. Ribbon Cable

3. Aerospace, Defense & Marine – High Performance Wire & Cable

4. Coaxial Cable (RG-Type, Cheminax, Ethernet and Twin-Ax)

5. Commercial Wire

6. Computing and Mass Storage Cables (High Performance)

7. Harnessing Conduit Systems

8. High Flex Cable

9. High Performance Cable

10. High Speed Cable

11. Industrial Cable

12. Power Cable

13. Twisted Pair Cable

14. Serial Communication Cable

15. Spec 80 FlexLine Wire

16. Spec 99 and Spec 100G Wire and Cable

17. Telecom Cable